Image elements do not have explicit width and height

[Solved] Image elements do not have explicit width and height [100% Working Solutions ]

To resolve the issue of image elements not having explicit width and height, you can follow these steps:
Determine the desired width and height for each image: Decide the specific dimensions you want the images to have on your website. This could be based on the layout and design requirements of your web pages.
Add width and height attributes to image tags: In your HTML code, locate the image tags and add the "width" and "height" attributes with the values you determined in the previous step. For example:
<img src="image.jpg" alt="Image" width="500" height="300">  
  `<img src="image.jpg" alt="Image" width="100%" height="100%">`
Sometimes it will create issues. We need to check all of the store design mobile and desktop both and add proper css. Make sure to replace "image.jpg" with the actual image source and adjust the width and height values accordingly.
Apply the changes to all relevant image elements: Repeat the process for all image elements on your website that are missing explicit width and height. This includes images in your sliders, content sections, and any other areas where images are displayed.
Test and verify the changes: Save the modified HTML code and refresh your web pages to see if the images now have explicit width and height attributes. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to verify that the issue has been resolved. By providing explicit width and height attributes to your image elements, you help the browser allocate the necessary space for the images before they finish loading. This improves the overall performance and user experience of your website.

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