[Solved] How To Add Auto Scroll To Top For All Shopify Themes [ 100% Working Solutions]

[Solved] How To Add Auto Scroll To Shopify Theme [ 100% Working Solutions]

Go to theme Editor
Go to snippets folder and create a file
Paste the provided code in auto_scroll.liquid file
render this file in theme.liquid file at end of the body tag
   let bodyElement = document.querySelector("body");
   let scrollElement = document.createElement("div");
   scrollElement.setAttribute("hidden", true);
   scrollElement.setAttribute("title", "Click for go to Top ");
   bodyElement.setAttribute("onscroll", "myFunction()")
   scrollElement.innerHTML = `<img src="_IMAGE URL_" class="scroll-top" height="48px" width="48px" />`;
   scrollElement.style.cssText = `position: fixed; top: calc(93% - 12px);right: 0;`;
   let scrollTop = () => {bodyElement.scrollIntoView({behavior: "smooth"});}
   window.onscroll = () => {
   if (document.documentElement.scrollTop > 70) {
   scrollElement.addEventListener("click", scrollTop);
   } else {scrollElement.setAttribute("hidden", true);}};
Now Enjoy Automatic Scroll To Top

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