Show The Number of Products Left in Stock on Shopify

Step 1: Duplicate your live theme

  • From your Shopify admin go to Online store and choose themes. 
  • Next to the live theme click on Actions and choose Duplicate. 
  • This way you will have a backup of your live theme in case you miss some step and mess up your store.

 Step 2: Edit Product-Template.liquid 

  • Now that you have the duplicate of your theme you can click on Actions again, but this time choose Edit Code.
  • From the navigation to the left go to Sections directory and choose Product-template.liquid.
  •  Find the place you want to show your message, maybe above add to cart button, and paste the following code:


{% comment %} Inventory tracking on product page {% endcomment %}

            <div id=”variant-inventory” class=”{% unless current_variant.available %} hide {% endunless %}”>

              {% if current_variant.inventory_management == “shopify” and current_variant.inventory_policy != “continue” %}

              We have {{ current_variant.inventory_quantity }} in stock.

              {% else %}

              This product is available.

              {% endif %}


In case you don’t have multiple variants you can Click on Save and the message of quantity should be visible on your Site.

 Step 3:  Edit Product-Template.liquid

  • In case you have multiple variants you will need to add one additional line in the product-template.liquid.
  • Paste the following code right above the code you just pasted in the product-template.liquid and click on Save.

 {% for variant in product.variants %} 


                 <div InventoryManagment data-id=”{{}}” data-inventory=”{{variant.inventory_quantity}}” style=”display:none;”></div> 


                 {% endfor %} 


 Step 4: Edit Theme.js 

  • From the navigation to the left scroll down to the assets directory and choose theme.js.
  •  In this new js file search for the “variantchange”. It’s important to place the following code inside the variantchange block.
  •  In our case, we are using the Debut theme, it should be on the line 748.

      let inventoryHash = document.querySelectorAll(‘[inventorymanagment]’);

Under that piece of code paste the following





           if( =={ 


             if(Selectedvariant.dataset.inventory > 0) 


               $(“#variant-inventory”).html(“We have “+ Selectedvariant.dataset.inventory +” in stock”); 




               $(“#variant-inventory”).html(“Sold out!”); 









Click on Save and your message of quantity should be visible and working on your site.


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