Features (includes all Basic Speed Optimization features plus the following):


  1. Advanced Website Speed Audit: In-depth analysis of your website’s speed issues and recommendations.


  1. Image and Video Optimization: Optimize images and videos for various screen sizes and resolutions.


  1. Script and Code Optimization: Review and optimize scripts and code for maximum efficiency.


  1. Critical Path Rendering Optimization: Identify and optimize critical rendering paths for faster initial page load.


  1. Content Prioritization: Implement lazy loading and resource prioritization for improved user experience.


  1. Advanced CDN Configuration: Configure and fine-tune CDN settings for optimal performance.


  1. Mobile-First Optimization: Thorough optimization for mobile devices, ensuring lightning-fast load times.


  1. Third-party Script Management: Evaluate and manage third-party scripts and integrations for performance improvements.


  1. Advanced Performance Testing: Rigorous testing and benchmarking with detailed performance reports.


  1. Monthly Performance Monitoring:Β  Ongoing monitoring and adjustments for sustained speed improvements.


  1. 24/7 Emergency Support: Access to emergency support for critical speed-related issues.



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