"Elevating Ecommerce Success: The Role of Boost Star Experts in On The Runway Fashion - Diya Darlings Boutique's Journey"

BOOST STAR Agency helped On The Runway Fashion grow their ecommerce business by providing the following services:

Speed Optimization & Performance

BOOST STAR Agency conducted a thorough analysis of On The Runway Fashion’s website to identify areas where speed and performance could be improved. They implemented various strategies such as optimizing code, compressing images, enabling caching, and minimizing unnecessary scripts to enhance the website’s loading speed. This resulted in a faster and smoother user experience, reducing bounce rates and improving conversion rates.

Fixing Errors on Google Merchant Center

BOOST STAR Agency worked closely with On The Runway Fashion to identify and rectify any errors or issues within their Google Merchant Center account. They ensured that product feeds were properly configured, data quality was optimized, and any policy compliance issues were addressed promptly. By resolving these errors, On The Runway Fashion’s products became more visible and accurately represented on Google Shopping, increasing their chances of attracting relevant and interested customers. Through their expertise in speed optimization and Google Merchant Center management, BOOST STAR Agency played a vital role in enhancing On The Runway Fashion’s online presence and driving growth in their ecommerce business.

Client Review By On The Runway Fashion

Big recommendation for BOOST star Big recommendation for BOOST star, after searching for weeks I finally found one that met my needs and exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Business Information

Client Name - Olu Ajetomobi ,Country - United States Business Category - Cloths Business name - On The Runway Fashion


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