On Page SEO for Shopify Product Pages ?

On Page SEO for Shopify Product Pages ?

On-Page SEO for Shopify Product Pages: Optimizing Your Product Listings

On Page SEO for Shopify in 2023 - Logeix

Title Tag:

Optimizing the title tag for product pages is straightforward, but some additional considerations are helpful:

Keep it concise: Product names can sometimes be long, so do your best to create a reasonably short title tag.

Include a keyword: Incorporate a relevant keyword if possible, but ensure it accurately represents the product.

Add intent or product options/details if space allows: Use the title tag to convey intent, such as “Buy Heil PR-40 Microphone Online,” or include product options and details like “Heil PR-40 Microphone in Silver/Black | Stand & Shock Mount.”

Product keywords for titles need to be highly specific and unique from collection pages. While your collection page may target broader terms like “xlr microphones” or “heil microphones,” product pages should focus on detailed keywords like “heil pr40 microphone.”

Meta Description:

The meta description for product pages should provide potential buyers with information about the product and convey clear intent by including words like “buy” or “shop.” Highlight any benefits of purchasing from your store, such as competitive prices, faster delivery, superior packaging, payment plans, and more.

URL / Handle:

Consider your potential visitors when crafting the URL. Keep it simple and avoid unnecessarily long or complex URLs. Include the main keyword but refrain from using uppercase letters, underscores, or spaces. For instance, if the main keyword is “Heil Sound PR 40,” an ideal URL might be something like:




The H1 tag on product pages will typically be the product name, but you can add additional information if desired. For instance, if the product name is “PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone,” consider adding the brand name at the beginning (e.g., “Heil Sound PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone”) to cater to users searching for the brand.

Product Descriptions:

Product descriptions on Shopify should aim for uniqueness. Avoid copying descriptions from suppliers, manufacturers, or other stores. Instead, write a distinct description for each product. You can follow the same principles mentioned for collections, such as adding an FAQ, splitting the description to include detailed information below, and more. However, the level of detail should align with user expectations and competition.

To determine the ideal level of detail, research the main keyword for the product and analyze what top competitors are doing. Your product descriptions should stand out and provide valuable information to potential buyers.

Internal Links:

Product pages typically require fewer internal links than collections. Include 1-2 relevant internal links in the product description if applicable. Most importantly, link to product variants, if they exist, to facilitate navigation for visitors and demonstrate topical relevance.

Additionally, consider linking to guides, tutorials, or other relevant content related to the product. Optionally, include links to the brand’s collection or other relevant categories.

By following these On-Page SEO guidelines for Shopify product pages, you can optimize your product listings, improve search engine visibility, and enhance the user experience for potential buyers.

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