Common keyword research mistakes ?

Common keyword research mistakes ?

Now you know how to do keyword research, here’s some common pitfalls to watch out for.

5 Common Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

Keyword Cannibalization:

One common pitfall is keyword cannibalization, where multiple pages on your website target the same keyword. To avoid this, ensure that each keyword you target is assigned to a specific page. It should only be one page per keyword, but you can have several keywords per page.

One Page vs. Multiple Pages:

Another mistake is having only one page for a broad topic when multiple pages would be more appropriate. For instance, if you sell laptops, you should have separate collections or pages for various laptop categories like screen size, price range, or processor type. However, avoid creating multiple pages that target essentially the same keywords, as it can dilute your SEO efforts.

Understanding Keyword Intent:

Understanding keyword intent is crucial. You need to know what users are looking for when they search a particular keyword and what Google believes they are searching for. For instance, if someone searches “laptops under $500,” they might be looking for shops selling laptops in that price range or reviews on the best laptops under $500. It’s essential to align your content with the user’s intent and Google’s perception of it.

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